We Are a veteran owned business. The owner Nate Waibl did 12 years in the US ARMY. Once he got out he did not know where life would take him. He got a lab puppy and began a journey that is still being written today. Nate learned from a local trainer how to train and run dogs. Nate found this to be his outlet from all the stresses in the world.

Nate strives to build a strong bond with each dog. He spends days out in the fields and back country with them. Teaching and leaning from one another. Nate continues this through positive praises and fun bumpers to gain and build the dogs drive and trust.

Nate is not a famed Dog trainer. But don't let that fool you. Nate has trained dogs that can run with the best. Nate has always wanted to keep the prices down for the middle man. So they may be able to enjoy the fun hunting with a gun dog.

Being a Veteran, Nate has chosen to build his business in order that one day he can train dogs and give them free of charge to veterans in need. We hope that you find a good trainer. But most of all we want you to give us a shot. Like the name says ...... WELCOME TO THE FAMILY ....